Thursday, February 13, 2014

The First Time Sisters Meet

The First Time Sisters Meet

This is the first time we meet
I feel so happy to see your faces
I deeply love you all
I am grateful for having you all in my life
We now can have the rest of our lives to get to know each other
This is such a blessing
One that I can never regret
I hope to be in your lives forever
To be the best oldest sister you guys can have
Someone you can look up to
Come to when you have a problem or need advice
A sister who can hold you and be there for you
I am so happy to have this opportunity in my life
It’s something so unexplainable

This photo is a picture of me and my three half-sisters. This was taken the day that we all met for the first time. I also have half-brothers, but the reason why I chose this photo was because I feel like these three girls will look up to me the most. I love all of them equally and I am happy that I met them all. This photo was taken in one of my half-sisters house at a birthday party. We were just being silly and having. Doing things that sisters do. I felt like I've known them my whole life even though this was the first day we met. I was so happy for this special moment and I’m grateful for it.

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