Monday, March 31, 2014


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Thursday, February 13, 2014

The First Time Sisters Meet

The First Time Sisters Meet

This is the first time we meet
I feel so happy to see your faces
I deeply love you all
I am grateful for having you all in my life
We now can have the rest of our lives to get to know each other
This is such a blessing
One that I can never regret
I hope to be in your lives forever
To be the best oldest sister you guys can have
Someone you can look up to
Come to when you have a problem or need advice
A sister who can hold you and be there for you
I am so happy to have this opportunity in my life
It’s something so unexplainable

This photo is a picture of me and my three half-sisters. This was taken the day that we all met for the first time. I also have half-brothers, but the reason why I chose this photo was because I feel like these three girls will look up to me the most. I love all of them equally and I am happy that I met them all. This photo was taken in one of my half-sisters house at a birthday party. We were just being silly and having. Doing things that sisters do. I felt like I've known them my whole life even though this was the first day we met. I was so happy for this special moment and I’m grateful for it.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Self portrait poem


Party Time

Parties are colorful and vibrant
Food is the best part of it
I love the cake and the presents
 And all the joy that comes from it
There’s music and loudness everywhere
It makes the environment more fun
I hope my wishes come true
 I hope my party ends well
Because sometimes things can go wrong
And now I am one year older
Can’t wait for next year to come

My still life photo

Monday, February 3, 2014

Viewing Me

Depending on the Angle you are taking the picture from, can show many differences in the perspective of the photo. This can include something's like how one can view your facial expression and the background details. The two different photos that I chose were Bird's eye view and one of my choice. I really thought these two photos showed a lot of meaning to it, which was the reason why I chose them both. Every person can view things differently than another person. The perspective of a photo can show a lot and how one person can see it while many other people see something else. I think the perspectives of the photos I chose show two different backgrounds even though they may look similar to each other. Reason why is because they were taken in two totally different angles.

In the first photo, which was the photo I chose, I took a picture from a side view of my face and half of my body. In this photo you can see the structure of the side of my face better than the other photo. It kind of looks like I'm happy because you can see a little smile. Bedside’s that, as you can see my posture looks like I am kind of slouched; basically putting no effort into sitting up. I may look happy, but it seems like I’m not a great mood based off of my posture. You can also see some of my background in this photo which shows that I am in a room with many computers. It doesn't look like I am doing anything, but staring directly at something. One thing that I did notice that I thought was weird was how my left hand was formed. One of my fingers is sticking out and I kind of thought it was weird because I was unaware of me doing this while taking this photo. But to me this photo seems unusual yet mysterious because I cannot pinpoint my exact emotion.

            In the second photo which was from a bird's eye view you can see my facial expression from this angle much better than the first photo. My facial expression pops out more with this photo because you can see that I have a huge smile on my face do to the fact that you can see my whole face from a front view. With this photo my background does not show much, but the floor and the corner of a table along with some other items located on the floor like the neon blue backpack which pops right out when one sees this photo. I feel like this photo shows more emotion than the other photo, and that shows how the different perspectives can change how someone appears to look, whether it'd be sad, angry, or even happy.

From the Bird's eye view angle you can get a better look at me while in the other photo you can only see one side of my face which is hard to tell how my face looks. I really like these two angles because it showed to different sides of me. With Bird's eye view you can see my face and the front of my head better, but from a higher angle. In this photo I look even happier than the other photo because it is more noticeable, but with the other photo it appears like I am smiling, but you cannot really tell at the same time. Both photos can be similar if one sees it in that way, but people have to see behind the photo. Basically true to see if there is a story to it or analyze the photo so they can see what is going on. With my two photos there is not much going on, but it’s possible that there could be assumptions of what is going on in these 

Photo of my choice:

Bird's eye view:

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Olympia by Manet

My class and I analyzed two separate painting's. The one I was most interested in was "Olympia" by Edouard Manet. The reason why I was more interested in this painting was because I felt like it had more meaning to it than the other painting. While the class and I analyzed the painting we used a few techniques that helped us better analyze this certain painting. We were observing objects, our feeling's towards the painting, and noticing certain focal points in this image. I had very strong feelings towards this image because I feel like people in power have the right to do what they want and treat people beneath them with less respect.

In this painting there is a white woman that is laying naked on a white bed with a black cat at the end of the bed. There is also an African American women standing behind the woman and the bed holding a painting of flowers in her hands. Both women seem to not be so happy. I don't see any smiles, but just a simple smirk on their faces. This picture is not very striking because there isn't much color, but very dim greens and browns. Even the flower on the head of the nude woman seems to be a very dull pink. The cat though was the one thing that I spotted when I looked at this image. I was wondering why the cat was there and what was the meaning for the cat to be there. It did look like the cat showed some powerful energy by the way it was positioned. This could have been the white lady's cat. A companion for a wealthy woman. 

The women looks like she's comfortable, but at the same time she looks like she is the one in power. She has a very demeaning and seducing look on her face. I think this painting is suppose to represent the period of slavery because the darker skin woman looks like a servant and the reason why I think that is because of the clothes that she is wearing. Her clothing looks kind of worn out and old and she has a bandanna on, which wealthier women didn't wear in that era. The way the white woman is positioned also shows that she is the one in power and wealthy at the same time.

This painting by Manet shows a lot of things that interests me. I think that the nude woman is a very powerful woman while the darker skin woman is less powerful. I feel like it's a very simple yet bland painting because of it's colors. I like the way the painting looks because It was confusing at first to understand it, but looking into it more I noticed a lot of thing's about it. One thing that striked me was how the nude woman is unaware of her surroundings. She was not paying no mind to the darker skin woman or the cat. She looked as if she was staring at something. The vibe of this image to me felt negative maybe because the darker skin woman was a slave or maybe how the nude woman was looking at me. Symbolically, the image of the darker skin women shows how people of African American race were treated around the 1800's.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Assignment 1

How do you use online photography?

I use many different websites and online sources that involve uploading photos. I use Instagram which allows you to post photos and you can write a caption to describe the photo. If you make your profile private they say that only friends can view whatever photos you upload. I also use Facebook which is a site to communicate with others. you can also upload photos so people can view them, but you can also write on this site. A few other sources that I use are Snapchat, Wordpress, Twitter, and Vine. Snapchat is more personal, but I feel like the pictures you take will always be there. Twitter is similar to Facebook, but it seems like it also relates to be a blog site like Wordpress. But with these two websites you can add photos as well. And Vine is the same exact thing as Instagram. This is how I use online photography.