Monday, March 31, 2014


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Thursday, February 13, 2014

The First Time Sisters Meet

The First Time Sisters Meet

This is the first time we meet
I feel so happy to see your faces
I deeply love you all
I am grateful for having you all in my life
We now can have the rest of our lives to get to know each other
This is such a blessing
One that I can never regret
I hope to be in your lives forever
To be the best oldest sister you guys can have
Someone you can look up to
Come to when you have a problem or need advice
A sister who can hold you and be there for you
I am so happy to have this opportunity in my life
It’s something so unexplainable

This photo is a picture of me and my three half-sisters. This was taken the day that we all met for the first time. I also have half-brothers, but the reason why I chose this photo was because I feel like these three girls will look up to me the most. I love all of them equally and I am happy that I met them all. This photo was taken in one of my half-sisters house at a birthday party. We were just being silly and having. Doing things that sisters do. I felt like I've known them my whole life even though this was the first day we met. I was so happy for this special moment and I’m grateful for it.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Self portrait poem


Party Time

Parties are colorful and vibrant
Food is the best part of it
I love the cake and the presents
 And all the joy that comes from it
There’s music and loudness everywhere
It makes the environment more fun
I hope my wishes come true
 I hope my party ends well
Because sometimes things can go wrong
And now I am one year older
Can’t wait for next year to come

My still life photo